Anki Vector – Review, Discount and Promotions

Anki Vector - Review, Discount and Promotions

Some time back, in a sensible bit of advertising, the publishers of the Harry Potter books put out new editions with dark, stylish covers. This made the books seem more adult and sold an additional Brazilian copies. Anki has applied this technique to its own toy bulldozer robot Cozmo, to make Vector.

What’s Good About Anki Vector

Vector appears to have been assembled using the identical plastic injection molds like Cozmo but now he’s black and metallic-black rather than white and red. More importantly, the smarts inside have been substantially updated, such that Vector is similar to Amazon’s Alexa or Google’s Home. The point is that instead of having a faceless cylinder droning out your itinerary, Vector will zip around the joint being cheerful and so on. He is online, so you can get answers to fundamental queries, weather for fundamental cities, a timer for fundamental times, and he also plays Blackjack for some reason.

What’s Not Good About Anki Vector

Vector’s predecessor Cozmo is definitely the most personable of all of the expensive-toy-level robots we have tested, but he is still very much a toy.


Where To Buy Anki Vector

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