AVITA Liber 14 – Review, Price, Discount and Promotions

AVITA Liber 14 - Review, Price, Discount and Promotions

This AVITA Liber 14 is a lower-end Windows 10 ultraportable, powered by an eighth-generation Intel Core i3 laptop-grade processor, 8GB of RAM, 128GB of SSD storage and a Full HD display; hardly a spec to get the heart racing. Still, it is truly affordable, something that can’t often be said of recent ultraportables. Where the Liber 14 really stands out, however, is its design, with the aluminium chassis coming in a choice of striking finishes: Pearl White, Angel Blue, Ornament on Gold, and Paisley on Lilac. The first color is a fairly standard white, but the light blue is certainly vivid, while the other two finishes add a textured design to the laptop’s lid that sits somewhere between a rug pattern and an intricate tattoo. Our Ornament on Gold model certainly drew the gaze of colleagues, but the reaction was mixed. While the design is applied to a high standard, whether you find the ornamental pseudo-flower pattern attractive or ostentatious will be a matter of taste. Our personal favorite is the Angel Blue option, which is cleaner and more minimalist. What won’t divide opinion is the build quality of the Libra 14, its metal bodywork feeling pleasant to the touch and solidly formed. There’s no real flex in the lid or other surfaces, with the exception of the underside panel near where it meets the hinge, although that’s nothing to worry about in practice.

Aside from the lid design and color scheme, the AVITA Liber 14 is a fairly standard sub laptop; there’s no slick bezel-slimming display design or pop up webcam; the rather meagre 720p webcam sits in the traditional spot above the display. At 222x333x15mm, it isn’t the thinnest 14in laptop around either, and its 1.5kg weight is nothing special. Still, it presents a neat package that’s no strain to carry around. A pair of USB3 ports – one on the left and one on the right – offer connectivity to most popular peripherals, while a USB Type-C connector offers fast charging of the PD 2.0 standard. Thunderbolt 3 is missing, but that’s par for the course on budget laptops. There’s also a standard barrel DC connection for charging and a 3.5mm headphone jack. The ports then get a little odd, with the addition of a Micro HDMI and microSD card slot, neither of which are as widely used as their full-size counterparts. Given that laptops of a similar dimension can fit these ports, it’s a little disappointing the Liber only has the smaller versions. It manages to include a fingerprint reader, oddly located to the left of the keyboard, which is unusual given how such scanners normally favor right-handers. Finally, there’s a pair of stereo speakers on the underside, which are on a par with most ultraportables in that they deliver clear sound that lacks real punch; fine for the occasional YouTube video, less so for serious film-watching.

AVITA Liber 14 - Review

The Liber 14’s backlit island-style keyboard delivers a pretty vanilla typing experience, with keys that have just enough travel to allow for speedy touch-typing but feel a tad spongy for a truly tactile experience. We’re also not keen on the keys’ markings being orientated off center, or their slightly textured finish; both feel cheap and pointless. Also, on our review unit, the backlighting under the ‘C’ key was bleeding out from the keycap, thanks to it being placed a little askew in the keyboard deck. It’s a decent enough keyboard, but it certainly doesn’t punch above its class. The trackpad puts on a better performance, offering a large horizontal footprint that’s some half the length of the keyboard, with plenty of height as well. While a bit more sensitivity wouldn’t go amiss, thanks to the use of Windows Precision drivers the trackpad is reasonably accurate, especially compared to laptops that use Synaptics drivers, such as the HP Spectre Folio (Shopper 380). The diveboard mechanism delivers a solid, precise click as well. The 14in, 1,920×1,080 IPS display is pretty much the bare minimum an ultraportable can get away with these days. The bezels around that display haven’t been subjected to the diets of those on more expensive ultraportables, but they aren’t horribly thick like the frames on some Chromebooks. As for the IPS panel’s performance, it’s reasonable rather than stellar. We measured a peak brightness of 373cd/m2, which is good if not retina-searing, and the contrast ratio of 1,095:1 is also perfectly acceptable, at least for web browsing; video content lacks a little something, especially in dark scenes. Things take a turn for the worse when it comes to colour performance, with the display covering 81.8% of the sRGB gamut, though its gamut volume hits 98.2%. This means photo editing on the Liber is off the cards, and greens in particular lack punch and depth. With all that mind, it’s again worth going back to the Liber 14’s price: for less than £500, the display is fine at the very least. There are much more expensive laptops with inferior displays – look no further than one page back for the Dell Latitude 5500 – and for most everyday uses, it presents no problems.

Besides, the CPU isn’t particularly suited to intensive media editing anyway. The dual-core Intel Core i3-8130U processor is teamed up with a very conservative 4GB of RAM, leading to a lackluster overall benchmark score of 47, and that includes a multitasking test result of just 29. Like many U-Series Core chips, the graphics accelerator is integrated in the form of the Intel UHD Graphics 620. It’s a pretty common ultrabook GPU, but given it’s paired with a slower CPU and smaller amount of RAM, the Liber 14 isn’t powerful enough to run AAA games. However, benchmarks are only half the story here. It’s easy to forget that many programs and apps still rely on single-core performance, and the Core i3-8130U can Turbo Boost up to 3.4GHz, which is plenty of power for such software. Indeed, its score of 84 in our single-threaded image test was its best individual showing by far. Sure, web pages are a little slower to load, especially those with embedded videos, and 4GB of RAM will fill up if you open too many Chrome tabs. But we didn’t encounter any major hiccups with the Liber 14’s performance; just don’t expect to do any hefty work beyond word processing and the occasional spreadsheet.

Storage comes in the form of a 128GB M.2 SATA SSD, which delivered a sequential read speed of 454MB/s and a sequential write speed of 121MB/s. The former is fine, but the latter is slow for an SSD, even a SATA drive; we suspect Avita is simply using a cheaper, slower model. Not that the Libra loads things up particularly slowly; it’s just not going to be fast at transferring large files in a pinch. That said, it’s best to avoid popping too many large files on the SSD as 128GB can fill up pretty sharpish, especially when 20GB or so is already taken up by Windows 10. Our looping video rundown test saw the Liber 14 eke out 7h 14m from its battery, which is just about enough to squeak through a full day before it’s gasping for power. Other than the flowery design of certain models, we can’t say there’s a lot about the Liber 14 that excites. At the same time, however, for £485 it doesn’t really need to. The Core i3 processor is more than enough for web browsing, emailing and idling away with some YouTube videos, and even if aspects such as the screen, connectivity and storage aren’t top-tier, they’re all good enough for the price. Add in that touch of visual flair, and you’ve got a flawed but likable budget contender.

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