CCL Delta-X CS Gaming PC – Review, Price, Discount and Promotions

CCL Delta-X CS Gaming PC - Review

What type of PC can you get for five hundred quid? A rather basic one, you would imagine. This CCL Delta-X CS Gaming PC can be yours for as little as $500 if you already have a spare Windows 10 license, and with Windows 10 Home comprised it’s still just $600. It’s marketed as a gaming platform, so it has a dedicated graphics card. And that, in turn, makes it capable in theory of taking on any job, within reason.

The graphics card in question is a GeForce GTX 1050, which might come from the base of Nvidia’s current variety but packs in much more pixel-pushing power compared to the integrated graphics in the mid-range CPUs you would expect to find in this price bracket. Most 3D games will run smoothly at Full HD resolution with maximum or high graphics quality settings. The toughest games will fight, but that is to be expected for the money. With 3 GB of video memory, the GTX 1050 will also speed up compatible photo- and video-editing programs.
Unfortunately, they will be held back by the Delta-X’s AMD Athlon X4 950 CPU, making Intel’s i3 chips seem quickly. In our tests, it produced the sort of scores we would expect nowadays from a nice laptop as opposed to a desktop PC. Creative jobs are not beyond it, but it would not be the first choice if you regularly use your PC for over basic office tasks, and its feeble multitasking capabilities could test your patience when switching between everyday programs or a great deal of browser tabs. On the plus side, CCL has not lumbered you with the usual 1TB hard drive, which would have slowed things down further. Instead you receive a 480GB SSD, which is not the fastest model around but about four times the speed of a bog-standard mechanical drive. It’s enough to make rebooting Windows a matter of a few seconds’ wait as opposed to a tea break. If you need more space for documents, there is room for two 3.5in SATA drives – a 1TB hard drive like a WD Blue or Seagate Barracuda would just cost you 40 quid, and installation should not challenge anybody who is handy with a screwdriver – or even a quicker M.two SSD, even though that could be overkill. With no spare PCI-Express slots on the motherboard, there is little other scope for updates. The 8GB of main memory comes as one module, leaving one slot free for longer. There are loads of ports, but none higher than USB 3.0, so regardless of how quickly an external drive you buy, it’ll be limited to the exact same 450 megabytes per second ballpark as the inner SSD. The inclusion of a Wi-Fi card is a bonus, but because it’s just 802.11n, you will want to swap it for a quicker jack or cable the Ethernet port to your router to receive modern connection speeds. The situation is more streamlined than average, with an inset hexagonal-patterned grille and LED strip on the front, and a huge window at the left side.

When you believe that an only slightly more expensive PC such as the now discontinued Overclockers Kinetic HIM could deliver approximately twice the performance scores, the Delta-X begins to appear to be a false economy. But for an extremely low cost, the SSD gives it a distinct advantage, providing much higher speed than a hard drive without compromising too much on capacity.

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