Glorious Model O Gaming Mouse – Review, Price, Discount and Promotions

Glorious is probably one of those companies you’ve never heard of. But you should really know who they are now, because the Glorious Model O may just be one of the best gaming mice I’ve ever used. Mind you, this is a company that has never made a mouse before, so this is a truly impressive debut. The Model O is basically what would happen if the Finalmouse Air58 and Zowie FK1 had a baby together. The similarities to the Air58 are unmistakable, with the same honeycomb shell and lightweight, flexible cable.

However, given that the size and shape are nearly the same as the FK1, it’s also a bit flatter than the Air58, so you’ll like it if you prefer low-profile designs. This is a medium-sized mouse that will suit both palm and claw grips, although it definitely favors larger hands if you want to go with the latter grip style. My hands measure just 16.5cm from palm to fingertip, so the palm grip is the one that works best for me. Of course, your mileage may vary, but I think the mouse has a comfortable, ambidextrous shape that should work for most people.

Like the Air58, one of the biggest selling points of the Model O is how light it is. At 67g for the matte version (68g for the glossy), the mouse is 9g heavier than the Air58. The reason for this is obvious – while the Air58 has perforated sides, the Model O has solid side grips where it stamped its branding. However, the difference in handling is minuscule, and the 67g Model O still feels much more nimble than even the Logitech G Pro

Wireless, which by the way is already super light at 80g. And compared to the 99g Logitech G304, which has been my daily mouse for a while now, the difference is even starker. I get that some people prefer heavier mice because they think it affords better control, but I fall firmly into the camp where lighter is always better, especially in games that require you to constantly flick to targets. The Model O is equipped with four G-Skates mouse feet, and replacements are readily available on their website. I have no complaints about the feet, and they glide smoothly over my cloth pad. More importantly, build quality is excellent, and there don’t seem to be any issues despite the honeycomb shell. Even after pressing down on the sides and back of the mouse, there’s no discernible flexing or creaking. I’m also happy to see that Glorious chose to separate the mouse buttons from the main shell, which is better both in terms of more consistent experience when clicking and durability as well. The honeycomb design exposes the internal circuit boards of the mouse though, so you don’t want to spill anything on it.

The cable, that Glorious calls the Ascended Cord, kind of looks like a paracord cable. Either way, the fabric is really flexible and there’s almost zero drag. In fact, it’s so light that I don’t think you’ll need to use a mouse bungie with this mouse. The sensor is a Pixart PMW3360 optical sensor, which is still one of the best sensors around right now. It has no jitter or acceleration, and a low lift-off distance of around 1mm. I was also unable to make the sensor spinout even while swiping really fast, so you should have no issues even if you game at low sensitivities.

The Model O can be configured with values between 400 and 12,000DPI, with software that lets you save up to six DPI stages. It has a DPI button below the scroll wheel with a color-coded indicator to see what DPI stage you’re on. This feature has been present on Zowie mice for a while now, and it’s another example of Glorious learning from what the competition is doing. Finally, the mouse comes with built-in RGB lighting, and Glorious says this is the lightest RGB mouse you can get today. You can also pick from a selection of eight different lighting presets. The default is Glorious Mode, which is basically the company’s name for a spectrum cycling effect. The LEDs are fairly bright and vivid, and the mouse has lighting trails along its sides and the scroll wheel.

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5 Tips When Buying Online

Buying Online has become a norm in the era of modernization and information technology. However, it is very important to be cautious when making a choice to buy online. Shopping had never been simpler before. Who knew that sitting at home and from the comfort of their very own sofas and bed, people can make purchases online. They can buy books, clothes, accessories, beds, furniture, and what not. The list goes on. However, there are certain things to bear in mind.

Given below Are a few tips, which can help out with making decisions that are resourceful:

Tip #1 Check for the Website Security

It is Important that the website on which a person is entering their credit card information is safe and protected. Usually, the websites, which are safe, start with https and the non-secure ones with http as it is almost always better to be safe than sorry.

Tip #2 Use Well-known Websites

Buying Online would be protected when an individual would use the well-known websites. Make sure the domain is correct and there's absolutely no spelling error in the website address. Some links may be appealing as well as the deals could appear too good to be true.

Tip #3 Providing Too Much Information can be Dangerous

When a Certain website, which is quite unfamiliar but has good deals ask for the birthdate and the credit card details and you will find other red flags like asking too many questions; it would be best to avoid it. The deals could be too tempting but giving out too much information could fall in the wrong hands.

Tip #4 Keep an eye on Bank Statements

It would be Wise to keep a close watch on the bank statements particularly today it is a lot easier as information is available online. One can easily check the activities on the electronic statements and keep a track of those. However, if someone feels there's a fraudulent activity, it would be smart to report the matter at once. It is always better to be safe than sorry.

Tip #5 Avoid Using Public Wi-Fi for Transactions

Sometimes Using the public Wi-Fi can be very tempting particularly when it is available free of charge. However, it would be wise to use the cellular data instead of public Wi-Fi when doing a significant transaction. Keeping in view the fact that world has taken the form of a global village it is now a lot easier for the scammers and attackers to monitor information especially if somebody is using the network, which can be obtained at no cost.

Buying Online is easier and tempting as it saves someone from the hustle and bustle Of those busy malls. There are sometimes great bargains, which are available only on The websites and it would be sensible to shop online. Technology is bringing Numerous changes in the life span of contemporary individuals and one of these change is in The way people shop nowadays. But while making an online purchase it is Important to keep the different tips in mind, which may save a person from a Lot of hassle and deceptive activities, which are quite common these days.