Naked Labs Naked – Review, Discount and Promotions

Naked Labs Naked - Review, Discount and Promotions

The major drawback of dieting is that you end up spending twice as long in the front of the mirror, trying to work out whether your handles have shrunk. Well, say goodbye to guesswork, slimmers, because Naked Labs has established”the world’s first house body scanner”. Step on the included set of rotating scales and this body-length mirror will use its infrared light detectors to map your whole body in 3D. Your scan — along with details such as body fat, fat mass, lean mass and weight — will be beamed to the Naked Labs app, providing you with a straightforward appraisal of your calorie-burning endeavors, with detailed measurements. You can even see scans side by side, to check if you have developed an additional chin since a week’s bucket meal.

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