Samsung Galaxy Tab S4 – Review, Discount and Promotions

Samsung Galaxy Tab S4 - Review, Discount and Promotions

Like the Messi and Ronaldo of the technology world, Apple and Samsung seem to be constantly trying to outdo one another, and the Tab S4 is Samsung’s attempt at stealing the 10.5-inch iPad Pro’s thunder. In addition to being the exact same size, it packs features which may cause Apple a few sleepless nights. The inclusion of Samsung’s own DeX software — the first time the South Korean giant has added it to a tablet — gives users the choice to work on a desktop-like interface, complete with a tab bar, window-swapping functionality and gestures such as drag and drop. As for No matter how careful you are, it’s nigh-on impossible to film a panning shot in your own camera or smartphone without it looking like you have sunk five pints beforehand. To reach your desired smoothness, you want a gimbal.

This one — made to fit any camera under 800g, as well as phones, pocket video cameras and GoPros — connects wirelessly to the shooting device, allowing you control the camera’s functions via buttons on the handle. A follow focus attribute, and the ability to pan-tilt, zoom and rotate, can help you film like a seasoned pro. A The Ellipsis seems uncannily like Amazon’s Echo Dot, and for good reason, as it’s a miniature Alexa unit. But it’s a little different: it plugs directly into your wall socket (the hooks are right on the trunk ). That may not sound particularly thrilling, but the benefits shortly become clear. Aside from actually powering the thing, it makes it less conspicuous to thieves, and also suggests that sound from the built in two-watt speaker bounces off the wall behind it, giving the sound extra oomph. (The Dot has no speakers in any way, mind.) Throw in Alexa’s multitude of voice downtime, the Tab S4’s nearly bezel-less AMOLED display brings movies, games and TV shows to life. Is it better than the iPad 10.5? As with the Messi/Ronaldo debate, which may come down to preference.

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