Sony RX100VI Compact Camera – Review, Discount and Promotions

Sony RX100VI Compact Camera - Review, Discount and Promotions

This month, we had the opportunity to get our hands on the most recent compact camera from Sony’s RX100 collection, especially the Mark VI of the RX100. As a compact camera, you can just slip it in your front pocket and be on your merry way. We took the camera around with us for a few events and it excelled in a few things. One of Sony RX100VI Compact Camera best features is its zoom capability, especially an 8x zoom capability, so you can point and shoot from a distance off without becoming up-close and private. This means that when you’re shooting your camera around the city, you can shoot some buildings or candid pictures of people as they go through their daily routine. With the camera being streamlined, you’ll probably not draw as much attention to yourself, in comparison to walking around with a DSLR. However, the camera will not suffer from a lack of traction areas, so make certain to use the provided wrist strap to decrease the chance of it falling. Talking of candid shots, the camera comes with Optical SteadyShot and a fairly fast auto-focus speed. So when you’re shooting a moving subject, the images will come out pretty good. With AF Tracking and Eye Tracking, you may even keep your subject in focus when they’re moving. With these technologies combined, you won’t lose out on the gold photo chance even with shaky hands. This is particularly helpful during events as all of us struggle and rush to get the perfect shot.
Sony RX100VI Compact Camera Review
Sony RX100VI Compact Camera is incredibly easy to pick up and shoot with. The start up time is about 3 seconds, so there is no problem with turning the camera off when not used, and turning it back on to take a fast snap. For guide and professional users, the camera does offer extensive choices that you tweak around to your liking, while novices can depend on the user-friendly auto mode. We did have a problem with the buttons, but we got used to the button placements after a time. The camera can be equipped with a pop-up and a pop-up viewfinder that we absolutely adore. Another issue that we will need to highlight is its battery life. When a device is so compact, the battery life is expected to be reduced as well, if only because of a smaller battery being used. We took the camera out with us for a day of traveling around the city, and it did manage to continue until the end of the night with off and on shooting. But if you’re shooting videos and always snapping away, the battery life will definitely be gone in the a blink of an eye, so be certain that you get an extra battery if you intend on shooting . In general, our experience with the RX100 VI is quite nice but somewhat not happy by the short battery life and a heavy price tag. However, everything you will usually bring a flash, zoom lens and so on are all packaged into a more than decent compact camera that professionals will admire.

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